Are you Swiss?

Some of the early family names in the Swiss Community of Bluffton and Pandora are:

Althaus, Amstutz, Basinger, Bixel, Bucher, Burkholder,

Diller, Geiger, Gerber, Gratz, Hilty, Hofstettler,

Lehman, Locher, Lugibill, Luginbuhl, Moser, Niswander,

Schumaker, Schneck, Sommer, Steiner, Suter, Welty, Zuercher

People who have lived in the farmhouse since the Schumachers:

  • Thomas Gray, 1832-1836. Purchased land from the State of Ohio
  • Christian and Barbara Schumacher, 1836-1858. See Schumacher family history.
  • Peter and Elizabeth Schumacher, 1858-1888.
  • Abraham and Magdalena Schumacher Bixel, 1883-1903.
  • Peter A. and Perses Amstutz, 1903-1910.
  • Gottlieb and Lena Schwab, 1910-1921.
  • Frank and Gertrude Kahle, 1921-1947. During this period, Clarence Jones was a tenant for 13 years.
  • Victor F. Maag, 1947-1949. During this time, a Kaufman family were tenants.
  • Othmar and Clara Smith, 1949-1968.

The Swiss Community Historical Society bought the house and seven acres in 1968, and the barn, outbuildings, and about 4 acres in 2004 from members of the Smith family.